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Tuesday, 5 December 2006


My innermost desire to lose weight got me going to the gym last week monday. I got there and saw fellow fat-assed wives like me working out, puffing and panting seriously (I feel your pain gals). After I paid, I got to the changing room and realised I forgot my reebok trainers at home. Was I suprised? No of course not, that's the story of my life. I never seem to get anything right.

This, I must look into in the coming new year. I must be focused on the right things at the right time. Mistakes like this have to end. Well I explained my situation to the gym instructor and told him I'll be back. I got home, picked up the shoes but decided to browse since there was light(nepa light). The instructor called me,"Madam,are u still coming?'' Yes, I replied. I'll be with you in 30mins. On my way to the gym, there was so much traffic I spent an hour trying to get to the express way. "Madam,this go slow go dey here till 1'o clock-o", the driver said. Well, make we go house now? I replied. And that was it. Only self determination can get me to the gym admidst any type of stumbling block e.g lagos traffic. I'm Mrs Somebody and I'm trying to lose weight. It's been extremely difficult for me lately but I'm so determined to lose weight and look my age.

I recently conducted a survey when I asked some neighbours to guess my age. 39, 38, 34 ,39, 37, 40. Hmmmm........that's it!!! Enough of the guessing. Just because I live in a neighbourhood filled with old and aged people should not make me look that old. Or do I really look older than my age? By the way, my neighbours who took the survey are between 48 and 75 years. So I decided to ask elsewhere........38, 36, 39, 37..... PEOPLE! PEOPLE!! PLS STOP! I'm 30! 30! I was born in 1976!. "I'll make you look like a model", the gym guy said, but you'll have to be determined to lose the weight. 113kg, (this model-to-be is currently, the weight of two models). But I'm determined to do it. And I'll make it.