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Friday, 23 February 2007

What happened to self determination?

I don't beleive this myself. All the enthusiasm I started with, the never-give-up spirit, I can do mentality, believe in yourself you can do it........all GONE!!! What exactly happened? Well a lot, where do I start from? So much has happened since I wrote my first post. I have neither updated nor stepped into the gym in about nine weeks. The day I came back to update, blogger,beta-blogger, google blogger and every other blogger element, rose up against me. I can't really say exactly what happened but at the end of it all I got so frustrated I could only sit down and stare. I felt so helpless. I could not even post comments on other blogs because it required some kind of google account to enter and I did not remember ever having a google account in the first place. Unknown to me, blogger had sent my google account and password to my e-mail box which I could not access due to poor network quality of my internet service provider.

When I eventually saw the mail, (in the spam mail box) it had expired and I was told to expect another password/google account verification. And I could only log on to the internet whenever PHCN supplied electricity that is. This happened over and over for more than 3 weeks until it quenched all the fire in me. Same cycle, no light, light comes, can't access the internet, access the internet, password verification expires. People kept nudging me to update but I just could not. To think that I was sooooooo looking forward to blogging. Well, I'm here now and I'll try and fill in on every event that happened over the past two months.

The whole plan I had was to blog about my daily activities as regards to weight loss. I just felt it would help if I wrote everything down.So back to the question, What happened to self determination? I still need to lose weight. The bad news is that I have not lost a kilogramme of fat yet, and the good news? Neither have I gained any.