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Saturday, 6 December 2008

it's been 5months??

How time flies?5months since my last update?Not good enough.I started this blog to write down all about my journey towards weightloss and now I abandon it?NO WAY!!!!Not now that things seem to be going on pretty well.
I've lost and gained and lost and gained weight back,and then lost it again.Quite a roller coaster I've been on innit?
Spring of '08,location somewhere near greenwich in the UK,a friend/ex-blogger made me weigh myself on her bathroom scale and I was a whooping 118kg,6kg more than when I first started.Need I say more?My wake-up call that was.
I came back home to 9ja and hit the gym immediately.
Now i'm 18kg lighter,2 dress sizes slimmer and I could get used to all the compliments I receive daily.
I think I'm back to blogging.