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Friday, 3 August 2007

Weight Loss Hiatus

Last Sunday was awesome. I went to Terra Kulture to see 'the trials of brother jero/jero's metamorphos directed by Laspapi. It was fun, fun, fun and fun all the way. The actors did really well by intermittently injecting some serious comic relief into 'Kongi's 'great works. Imagine Brother Jero, a prophet doing the 'yahoozee' dance steps while praying for a disillusioned soul. The entire audience was reeling with laughter. Laspapi put up such a great show.

I got to meet a few bloggers after the play Omohemi Benson, Olawunmi, Babshouse, Uzo and Daddy's girl. I couldn't stay on to meet the rest of the bloggers that came but I later learnt that they got to hang out together after the play. Some of the bloggers who saw me were like.......'What on earth has Mrs Somebody been blogging about? She's not fat?!?! She's just okay. Emm...........Just okay?!?!?!?!?

I don't want to sound like the girl who cried wolf by raising a false alarm when indeed there's nothing to cry about but I'm overweight. I used to wear Uk size 14, now it's Uk 20 even though the scales have refused to shift. I read it somewhere that by the time one hits 30, you begin to lose muscle and your metabolic rate slows down so you pack on middle age spread coupled with baby carrying fat; which really is a losing battle except you exercise to counter it.

Folks who knew me years ago still see me now and ask in a most bewildered manner.......'WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU'? While new acquaintances see my wedding pics and ask.......'WHO'S THAT??? Referring to the slim, delectable, innocent looking, gap-toothed, svelte, 5' 10' tall young diva lovingly leaning beside Mr Somebody........ME!!! lol! Next thing they ask the same question giving me the ridiculous puzzled look I get all the time ......WHAT HAPPENED???? As if I had done something really bad.

I think I should drop the whole weight loss thing for a while and blog about other issues. That way, I can focus on other things besides weight loss. I want to write about other areas of life. So weight loss moments will occupy the back seats till further notice. I'm not giving up yet. I'm still on it. I'll be back. Watch this lady in action.