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Monday, 8 October 2007

My Black Jeans

The day I wore my first pair of black jeans turned out to be a most memorable one.
Actually, they were not even mine. My sis CG just bought them and I asked if I could 'launch' (wear) them for her. She said 'No' at first but being the adorable big sis that she is, she eventually gave me. I was a size bigger than her so I had to squeeeeeeze into them jeans. They were too tight but I still wore them and off I went.


It was the day of the first Student Union Riot I had ever witnessed, there was chaos everywhere, students had made bon-fires, burned cars, destroyed school property and we were all asked to go home. So while CG was packing up our stuff, I went to make a call home to let Dad know the situation. It was on my way to the business center I met Jeff.

Jeff was Wendy's boyfriend and Wendy was CG's friend and room mate. Everyone knew they were a hot item together. Jeff would come to the room and splash kisses all over Wendy. Wendy could never stop talking about Jeff. And we all saw Jeff as a big brother to everyone.
So Jeff asked where I was heading to and I told him I was going to make a call home. He said I should not bother going to the business center. He told me he knew this place close to his house where I could make the call for free. So I followed him and he took me to his house and asked me to wait while he checked the place. A second later,he came back to say there was no one there. Meanwhile Jeff started saying things I could not understand.

JEFF: You know I like you
ME: ehn?
JEFF: Stop acting like a small mean you've never noticed this?
ME: Noticed what?
JEFF: How I look at you, don't you know you are a very beautiful girl. Looking at your backside alone turns me on each time I see you.
ME: I've never noticed-o. What of Wendy? Your girlfriend?
JEFF: Wendy? Wendy is just a friend.
Me: (trying to hide my shock) She's your girlfriend. Your babe. She's not just a friend.
JEFF: Anyway..I like you. I really like you.
ME: You are somebody's boyfriend. (He moves closer and tries to kiss me).
ME: JEFF!!!! STOP!!! (Jeff no hear...e still dey come closer)
JEFF: (stop and asks) Why would you want to tell her?
ME: Won't you tell her?
JEFF: No I won't tell her....this would be between two of us.
ME: I can't beleive this! (Jeff grabs me and tries to unbutton my jeans)
ME: (Screaming at the top of my voice) JEFF!!!! STOP!!!! STOP THIS!!!
(Jeans are too tight......he struggles to way.......we are both struggling.....I'm screaming...) So Jeff relaxes for a while and I get up.
JEFF: Please now? Help me....
ME: Help you do what?
JEFF: Take off your jeans
ME: I can't.
JEFF: Please....I'm begging you....I have a hard on and it'll hurt if I don't come.
ME: Please can you open the door? You know there's been a riot and we have to go home.
(Jeff pounces on me again and struggles with my jeans......those jeans were TIGHT!!!)
I keep kicking and struggling and then there's a knock on the door. Someone had come to tell him that mobile policemen were all over the school. They had given students one hour to leave the hostels.


So Jeff releases me and I go back to meet CG. I did not tell her anything. I never told anyone not even Wendy. CG had packed up all our stuff and we were ready to go home, or so I thought.
CG said we should not be in a hurry to go home. We carried our things on our heads to the school gate and dropped them there. The fridge, our boxes, cane rack, buckets, everything. Since I ended up not calling Dad, (the business center was closed) CG said we should hang around school for a while to see what would happen next. Though I was not in the mood to go home yet, nothing prepared me for the 'action' that took place. Mobile police men were instructed to evacuate the entire school. No one was to be seen after 12 noon.
Some minutes after 12pm, the policemen start dispersing tear gas canisters at us. I shouted out at my sister. 'CALABARGAL LET'S GO HOME!!!!'

As I ran towards the school gate, I noticed that CG was nowhere around me, when I turned round to look for her, I saw someone running towards the mopol guys with a tear gas canister and aiming it back at them. It was CG! What????
When other students saw this, they joined in picking up the canisters and throwing it back at the mopol guys. I screamed .......'CG let's go-ooooo!' She continued aiming tear gas back at awon police guys. I was too shocked to see my prim and proper sister confronting fully armed mopol men, throwing dangerous ammunition at them. (I guess everyone has his/her moment of madness). But in this family, I was the daring one, the rascal, the tomboy. AH! This one pass me-o!

This mini-war continued till the mopol men decided to end it. One of them gave a signal and before I could say REVERSE COWGIRL they gave us a hot chase. These men chased us and we all ran into the senior staff quarters. One of the doors of a bq was open and we ran in there. CG and I tried to lock the door but couldn't because my slipper had got stuck under it. So the men came in and rounded us up. They moved us outside, told us to lie flat, face down on the wet ground.

Then one of them brought out a whip and lashed our bums. One by one he flogged us all. I could hear the other girls scringing and crying as the whip landed on their buttocks. My black jeans saved me once again as the hard fabric cushioned the effect of the whip. All seven of us were babes. They ordered us to get up and scram immediately. Our friends eyes had gone all red from crying.

So we got home and one of us who was part of 'the gang', called CG to say that as soon as we were released to go, the MOPOL boss came and asked his boys why they had let us go so easily. According to her, he said they should have raped us before letting us go. Rape ke?? For me, that would have been twice in one day.

Lucky Black Jeans!