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Saturday, 21 April 2007

Back to the Gym

Going to the gym once again was not as exciting as I thought. I had to constantly remind myself that wishing the fat away won't work as well as getting up and moving my Big Butt. So I got started on my aerobics again.

So finally, I made it back to the gym. I felt like a heroine that had just conquered a battle, the battle of the mind. I made up my mind to get up and get moving. Staying put and wishing the fat away did not work for me. Mr Somebody once told me that the only way he is seeing me losing the weight is by talking about it and so far, it has not yielded any results yet. (He does not even know that I'm blogging about it as well).

My first day was not as bad as I expected. I thought I had lost touch (being my first time this year) But I was still in tune with the aerobic activities. I did the stretches, low impacts, high impacts, floor work-outs and all. After the class was over, two ladies walked up to me and commended my efforts at keeping up with the exercises through out the whole session. I can't read minds but some how, I knew they all never thought I could go through it, and these two, confirmed my thoughts. Little do they know that I'm an ex "gym escapee". I had been sentenced to a life time of exercise by my slow metabolism but I had escaped and now I'm BACK!!! This weight issue runs in the family. My sister (a blogger) is trying to lose weight . My Dad (May God Almighty continue to bless his soul) was very fat. My mum as well as several uncles and aunts are all in the same "Heavy D" category.

I may be Fat but I'm a little bit fit. I've been exercising for a while now, my only problem is consistency, patience, commitment and perseverance. Anytime I work - out and lose some kilos, I relax and enjoy the compliments people throw at me. "Oh! you've lost already!" ....."Ah!well done!" Forgetting that exercise should be a life long commitment and not some temporary relief. But now I know better.

One thing I observed at the gym ...... I am the fattest , the biggest and I weigh the most! The only UK 22 (WHERE ARE ALL THE FAT PEOPLE ?????) But that not withstanding, I am so determined to lose the weight I don't care any more. While the work outs were going on, I just thought I could take a few pics to put on my blog, but I did not bring my camera.

So on Day Two, I took the camera and asked an instructor to help me out. I got some nice shots. Here they are:

Mrs Somebody after 10 minutes of working out.

Mrs Somebody after 45 minutes of working out
Mrs Somebody after 60 minutes of working out

And left, And Right, and 1 and 2 and 3. LOL!!

Working Out

Sweating it out......................

MOI - The one and only MRS SOMEBODY

The other clients were not too comfortable with me taking pictures while we were working out so I didnt take my camera to the gym anymore the next week. Before I started, I had my weight and body measurements taken and yesterday I did the same and here are the results.
Initial measurements on:
9/4/07 After 2 weeks 20/4/07
Weight - 114.9kg 114.4kg
Bust - 47 45.5
Arm - 15.5 15.5
Tummy - 45 41
Waist - 47 45
Hip - 54 51
Thigh - 29.5 28

So all those days of intense work out, profuse sweatings, aching joints and muscles only got me this far???? But as I said before, I'll be patient and persistant. I won't allow impatience to lead me into desperation. I know better. For the past week, I've been rising up early(5am) to jog for an hour before hitting the gym by 7am. I did not miss out on any day except last saturday which was an election day, the aerobics instructor made us do an extra hour on friday to make up for saturday. Same thing today again.

My 7 April "MUST DOs" review:

1) I must walk at least 30 minutes five times a week. (YEAH!!! I did 1 hour brisk walk/jogging everyday).
2) I must visit the gym at least 4 times a week. (I was out on every week day).
3) I must not eat anything after 6pm. (.......ooops!!!)
4) I must create a food journal. (hmmmm.........)
5) I must drink 8 glasses of water daily. ( I need help after 4 glasses)
6) I must keep a positive "can-do" mindset. Focus on my goal daily and go after it with all my heart and soul! (Okay!)
7) I must update this blog more regularly. (Please blame NEPA.....we have been cut off from civilization and taken back into the 'dark age'. No power supply for hours and even days on end.)
I'm slowly but surely adjusting to my new lifestyle and I'm beginning to enjoy it. Getting up at 5am is not that exciting but something has to give.


Nyemoni said...

Girlfriend... I applaud your determination... YOU GO GIRL..... I wish you more power... WORK IT!!!

Favoured Girl said...

You go girl! It will be worth it in the end!

Ugo Daniels said...

Hmmmm...dats da spirit, Mrs S and please do continue extensively as all hardwork pays in da end.


Bubbles said...

Come on now, u need to give urself some credit. Your body measurements are decreasing, and from ur pictures u are not as fat as u make it sound.

I think if u can keep up with ur present regime, u definitely keep losing the weight. Cheers

azuka said...

I second Bubbles. You're not that bad -- remember, you might have a lot of bone mass there.

And hey, don't slack because of the compliments!

LondonBuki said...



omo-obanta said...

Congrats, You go!
i think you've done pretty well already from the measurements considering this is all one month :)
Thanks for updating too! i was waiting with bated breath.

moi said...

Keep up the good work! Remember that slow and staedy wins the race. Keep doing what you're doing and you will surely see the desired results. Well done!!!!

LM said...

Well done! At this pace, you'd definitely see the weight drop off. Congrats on the pisitives so far. More grease to your elbows!

Bella Naija said...

Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, the results are already showing (as per your measurement)...
Mrs somebody, thank God you put up your pics, you are NOT as big as your describe. ah ah...Keep it up anyways. we will be rooting for you!

Uzo said...

Oh my. You are soooo brave to put your measurements up there. I am so scared of doing that. Excellent. I havent worked out either in 3 months courtesy of work but i am trying to find a way around this damn schedule.


Anonymous said...

keep it up, u already seein changes!

Kpakpando said...

Mrs. Somebody, you are my hero... if the scale refuses to change with its own ogbanje spirit at least your measurements have changed (and amazingly too) after two weeks. That's amazing! I fact you've inspired me to fully give up smoking, its taking a toll on my endurance these days

Bluntremi said...

Great job darling!!!
You are nowhere near as big as you say you are!! HABA!!
Thanks for posting the pictures.

Nyemoni said...

SO CALABAR GAL IS YOUR SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

elisa (Italy) said...

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linda ikeji said...

i must confess the only time i went to a gym was to go see a friend.sad huh?it wud av been nice to c ur face.nice working out!

dolly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dolly said...

welldone jare

keep it up

chioma said...

mrs somebody! na wa! the way you have been describing yourself i expected to see a picture of king kong(just kidding oh!) seriously you are not that big at all. I am so proud that you have taken the bull by the horn and have started working out again. Where are all the other fat people? they are looking for fast ways to loose the weight, or have just accepted the fact that they are UK22 and are getting even bigger. believe me you have encouraged a whole lot of people and I know those pounds will come off..i know it aint easy but it will happen.Also dont forget to commit your weight loss program to Jesus,he more than anyone else wnats you to be happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

lol... you really got me! i expected you to be twice your size! you're not big at all...!

omohemi Benson said...

I agree with anon,
You don't really look big, but I love your determination. All the best!

Waffarian said...

Well done, I just know this time you will do it! Well done!

fluffycutething said...

Along with everyone else i just want to encourage you!!!

You can really achieve a healthier lifestyle and weight loss...

Just keep ur eyes on d end result and remember 'we' are watching YOU!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

is calabar girl your sis??

Chameleon said...

i like ur purple leggings... LOL.

Mrs Somebody said...

@Nyemoni,Favoured girl and Ugo Daniels......Thank you,thank you,thank you.

@Bubbles......I'm still going at it.I won't give up until the weight is off.I may not look that big but I'm 114kg.That's more than two big bags of rice.

@Azuka......I know better than to slack now.I want to look 18 again.

@London buki.....Thanks,you inspire me a lot.

@Omo obanta.......Not my fault for late updates-o.NEPA dey show us shege here.

@Moi....Thank you.Slow and steady is my new motto.

@Im....You'll see more positives.I won't let you down.

@Bella naija.....After all the intensive exercises I expected a lot more.*sigh* but I'll keep going.Merci beaucoup madamme.

@Uzo......You think I'm brave now?Wait till after I lose all the excess fat,then you'll see me in my bikini pics.LOL.Have you bought new scales yet?Remember you threw out your scale.

@bhookey84....thank you.I'm hoping to see more changes.

@Kpakpando....Aunty Kpa,you inspired me first-o.So na you be the original @ Ogbanje spirit.You are just too funny.

Mrs Somebody said...

@Bluntremi.....I'm big-o compared to the way I was 7yrs ago when I got married.I need to get back in shape.I was a size 14 then but now I'm a size 22.
I was expecting you to comment on my purple leggings.But that naughty chameleon beat you to

@Nyemoni.....I thought you guessed that before?You scared me when you said 'I so know your sister'.

@Elisa(Italy).....Thank you.

@Linda Ikeji.....You want to see my face?I'll be on DSTV's Mnet channel 3.The programme is called TEMPTATION NIGERIA.It'll air at 7:30pm immediately after idols eviction show. So watch out.

@Dolly....Thanks girl!

@Chioma.....people look at my wedding pics and ask,"Who's that in the pic"?And I weigh a whole lot so I think I'm bigger than I should be.And my BMI says I'm OBESE.It's way above normal.Thanks for all the encouragement.

@Anonymous.....Well,maybe I exaggerated a little bit but 144.9kg is a lot.

@Omohemi Benson....I wish Mr Somebody could tell me the same thing.He says I'm not the cute little size 14 girl he married.

@Waffarian.....Thank you....Warri no dey carry last.

@Fluffycutething......Thank you my girl.Keep watching me,it'll help me achieve my end result.


@Chameleon.....Are you making fun of my one and only tommy hilfiger, louis vutton,Marc jacobs,miu miu,versace purple designer leggings?Mind your self-o.

Daddy's Girl said...

LOL at 'WHERE ARE ALL THE FAT PEOPLE?' Like Chioma said they are looking for short-cuts - can't blame them, cos it's not easy at all. It takes determination, and I really admire you for getting up and doing something decisive about it. Keep up the good work at the gym and on your diet, and you'll steadily and consistently lose weight. Keep slugging it out, and when you feel like slowing down, remember that we're all rooting for you! Well done! (and nice pics)

PS It's great that you're charting your journey here - a lot of people will be encouraged!

Anonymous said...

another question...
how tall are you? and is the size 22 in UK or US?

Mommy said...

Well Mrs. Somebody you are an inspiration to me. I have been visiting your blog as an 'anon' but right now, I have my own blog thanks to you...and calabagal offcourse. You can come visit sometime. Its
I will be looking forward to having you one of these days. Temptation Nigeria? I think I know you. You go gal.

Vera Ezimora said...

These pictures r rather inspiring. With determination, you'll definitely get there. Needless 2 say, I don't think u look bad @ all

Bluntremi said...

Cham is a sister in my head...she is allowed to beat me to it.
There was nothing worng with the leggins, I honestly was looking more at you and didnt even notice them!!
Great job!!

UnNaked Soul said...

how sweet... keep on working girl, I'll drink a glass for you, so do the other 7 ok... *wink*

am jumping up and down too... I'll do 3, you to the other 57... oya lets go...

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

keep up the good work....
u look great...

chidi said...

i'm sure you would be very happy with the outcome in the end. it won't be for nothing & you can show off to Mr somebody as well. God am i sacred of the word "fat".

chidi said...

& i have to say that i expected you to be bigger than you actually are becuse of the way you talk about yourself, but the pictures show otherwise.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Oh my goodness,you really are focused, and it is paying off. Word DETERMINATION comes to mind. Keep up the good work, I can the see the end the sight, and you will achieve your aim.

Jaycee said...

Wow...I LOVE the end did it, and u're still doing it. I totally love the determination!

In my head and around me said...

I was expecting to see "yokozuna". You are quite tall so the so called fat is not obvious.

Em, about those purple leggings...

chioma said...

hey girlfriend! saw you on were loking nice and ladylike. and boy were you tempted! hope you enjoyed the trip and your camera.`God bless

omo naija said...

keep up the good girl. you are certainly disciplined. always wanted to leave a comment but i was too lazy. AND as everyone said, you are actually medium sized.

Waffarian said...


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